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Tradeshows, Meetings and Events – Oh My! Tips and Tricks for Success

Events of any sort require planning, creativity, and follow-through. Whether it’s your industry’s largest expo of the year or your annual sales meeting, your ultimate goals are to execute a successful event and generate ROI. Ensure the success of your event with our tips and tricks.


Begin the planning process early to allow ample time for brainstorming, ordering and logistics. You’ll experience less stress and have a better chance of sticking to your budget by planning ahead.

You’ll also get the best rates on printing, promotional products, hotel rates and airfare. It will also give your team a chance to familiarize themselves with any giveaways, review the attendee list and come up with a solid strategy with time to spare.

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Depending on the event, you will likely have both internal and external parties in attendance. Having a communication strategy for each is critical and will significantly impact results.

Internal: a number of different departments may be in attendance. By communicating key dates, arrangements and strategy, your sales, marketing and executive teams will all be on the same page. Calendar invites and a document detailing logistics such as venue, hotel, dress code and other pertinent details will set expectations for all involved.

External: Promote your event on social media, your website, and through direct contact with current clients and prospects. Marketing your event in advance increases visibility and provides the opportunity to set up meetings with your customers, prospects and referral sources.

Know Your Audience

Do your homework ahead of time; review attendee lists and determine demographic details for your meetings or events – knowing the average age, location, income and other pertinent information in advance will help focus your giveaways and increase usability.

Follow Up

Be proactive and put in place a plan for following up post-event. Schedule a debrief meeting with your team and discuss what worked and what didn’t. Go through leads and prioritize, then discuss your strategy for following up with those leads.

Aim to have all leads captured in your CRM system within 72 hours of the event. This information can not only lead to quick conversions, but the historical data can also be used to track ROI and help determine the value of an event.

Of course, these tips are in addition to the common-sense tips, like eye-catching exhibits, sharp marketing materials and interesting giveaways.


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